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Sunday, November 28, 2010

time management

Ok, beat me with a wet noodle.  I've been lax in my posting.  I've been MIA.  I've been out to lunch.

I suck.

In my mind I think about posting something...sometimes...  Usually it happens when I'm nowhere near a computer, so the actual pressure to perform disappears before I connect again with technology.  Then there's the stress of having to come up with something pithy, or clever.  And, well folks, lately I'm all out of pithy, while clever left the building, uh, like weeks ago.

The last hurdle to overcome is the fact that I never seem to have enough time.  I know, I know, a banal excuse if ever there was one...  But hey, my lists just keep growing, and my ability to cross off things from said list apparently pales in comparison to life's ability to add to the damn thing.  Then there is the tired factor.  By the time that I actually do have time, I'm knackered; I can barely string a sentence together.  It's embarrassing.

So, today I post this.  My equivalent of "the dog ate my homework."  It is my excuse for being remiss to my blog.

It ain't eloquent, but it's truthful, and I'm gonna try to do better.  Really.  I gonna.  Fingers crossed...

I hope.