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Sunday, February 26, 2012

i'd like to thank the academy...

So, we watched the Academy Awards with the smalls tonight.  We haven't done this before, but we were invited out, and it seemed like fun, and well, I had NO IDEA it was gonna get so complicated.  I mean, really.  They just hand out this damn gold statue, so how complicated could that be?

Well, apparently for a 7 year old, pretty damn complicated.

I had to answer why people wore fancy clothes, why people had matching dresses (J Lo and Cameron Diaz -- not really matching, but the same color), who votes for everyone -- and did they vote today and if so, where?  Were the produced bits in between the awards movies?  Why was one of them black and white?  And oh yeah, why was that other movie that keeps winning in black and white?  Why is that lady crying?  Why would you cry if you're happy?   How do they make special effects?  Are they real? Why is a dog there?

Then I gave up and just started humming to myself.  It was a long show, and not just for the usual boring reasons...

Note to self:  Academy awards should be watched alone until smalls age significantly.

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